Piano Playground specializes in piano lessons for children in a positive learning environment. Lessons are focused on the student being an active part of the learning process through learning fun pieces, playing musical games, drawing activities, listening to famous piano music, and learning about famous composers. All of these activities are included in lessons and are important because they reinforce everything the student is learning by practicing at home.

Our philosophy is to promote the student's personal development and growth through an exciting exploration of the instrument. The goal is to awaken their awe of music and enrich them by revealing the music artistry within them. Our teaching process recognizes that fun is an important motivator for children. Therefore, piano studies are conducted with a spirit of play and sense of adventure in every lesson, which engages the attention and energy of the student, promoting deeper learning.

Developing pianistic skill is a powerful way to affect a young person's attitude and character for future endeavors by fostering life skills that lie outside the realm of musical skill. While the focus of every lesson is to develop musical proficiency, we also nurture other positive characteristics in children, including confidence, curiosity, discipline, patience, self-esteem, and work ethic.

Loren San Diego
Founder & Director



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